The All Purpose Room

Remember the All Purpose Room? Tell everyone what you remember about it.

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  1. One of the things I dreaded about grammar school, and there were a few, was square dancing in the winter when we couldn’t go outside for gym.

    The dancing part wasn’t so bad. But we had to pick a girl as a partner. Here’s the dilemma. I didn’t want the girls I liked (as in had a crush on) to know I liked them. I didn’t want the girls I didn’t like to think I liked them. I didn’t want to not pick anyone because then I’d get stuck with whoever didn’t get picked. That couldn’t be good.

    It was one of those problems with no good solution. I knew I could only fake being sick a couple times a year so I had to save those days for things I really hated. See the problem here?

  2. In the “All-Purpose’ room: I remember playing dodge ball with a ball the size of basketball….learning square dance….science fair projects on display…school assemblies…Mr. Ferris teaching gym.

  3. I remember the dodge ball, the Science Fairs, eating lunch there and singing at Christmas (especially in 4th grade when a new music teacher came to the school with “new” music-the Boars Head carol and others). We had never heard of them; much less sung!

  4. I remember the Christmas Shows….such a shame they can’t do them any more….One year our class sang ‘Do you hear what I hear’, and Franny Gingras was a shepherd. His ‘robe’ was made out of one of his Mom’s drapes. I’ll never forget that. Such fun to go back down memory lane on this site…Thanks again!

  5. My older brothers ‘s eighth grade graduation. Everyone looked so adult. My class unfortunatly stopped at sixth grade .

  6. I remember some teachers , miss gold , mrs Moore , mrs faucher , mrs topper, mrs bogigian, mrs daily, mr foley, mrs Mara , and more.
    I’m blown away at this site, it brings back so many memories it’s so great.
    Can’t wait to see more class pictures.
    Oh ya mrs Fosberg the music teacher.

  7. Hi, everyone. I love all of these stories, pictures and memories. I’m not sure who the administrator is, but I believe that we were in the same class (6th grade graduation in 1965.) (I’m the oldest of the many Smith kids from Ruthven Ave.) Are any of those pictures of our class? Thanks.

  8. Hi Stephen. Harry Munns (me) is the administrator. I remember a Stephen Smith. I doubt there was more than one. I remember you had a noticeable aptitude for math/science. I recall one of our teachers asking you if you could make his black and white TV into a color model. I don’t remember the teacher but I think his point was that you were pretty advanced for your age. I posted two class photos. Look for Scott Longvall in a cub scout uniform in one of them.

  9. I remember that room – cutting coat hangers into different lengths, bending them into bodies with heads and tails, and then soldering legs and antlers onto them with an old soldering iron. I remember the 2nd degree burn I got from that thing and touching the burn to any cool piece of metal I could find the rest of the day.

  10. I remember the air raid drills ,where we would go to the all purpose room. That was a little past the time of the Cuban missile crisis. I guess our version of duck and cover.

  11. I remember the air raid drills. I guess our version of duck and cover. It was in the early sixties.

  12. We had “music” with Mr. VanLieuw and did “band” with him in the AP room. I sucked at every instrument I tried, but . . .

    Graduated in 1963. Have been out of Worcester much of my adult life (living in CA). I do have grandchildren in the area, and am about to retire. Maybe I’ll return. Black Friday, 2021 – maybe ?

    Say hi to Moira Munns for me.

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