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Thanks to Megan Finn-Halloran for this rare photo

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Thousands of kids in the Indian Lake area of Worcester, MA attended West Boylston Street School. The building was demolished to make way for the Worcester Expressway, I-190 extension.

Many of the people who attended the school are still with us. Quite a few still live in the area. Others are scattered around the country and around the world.

A few of the many graduates recently met for lunch not far from where the school once stood. We began talking about the school and decided we’d try to reach out to other WBSS veterans.

This site is just the beginning. We want to gather the following,

  • Photos
  • Names and email addresses of graduates
  • Details on the history of the school, when it was built, etc.

We’ll set up the site to collect this information. Meanwhile, post any messages you’d like to contribute below. Please use your name so we know who we’ve located.


WT&G Article about WBSS

Then & Now: West Boylston Drive, Worcester

Worcester Telegram & Gazette, posted May 21, 2018 at 3:25 AM

Where a ramp to Interstate 190 now bisects the neighborhood, the West Boylston Street School once played a memorable part in hundreds of children’s lives.

Worcester in the late 19th century had thousands of families, with thousands of children to be educated. Around 1900, the city built West Boylston Street School, a solid brick elementary school for children through eighth grade, in northern Worcester (Northville and Greendale on maps from that ear). As the population expanded, more schools were built, and the school became a kindergarten through Grade 6 school, the way most of its students alive today remember it.

They also remember Eky’s, or Ekengren’s Market, the neighborhood store where they bought snacks and got to know the family. There was also Strand’s Ski Shop (still standing) as well as an A&P supermarket (long gone), a pizza shop and many other businesses that made up the landscape of their childhood.

In the 1970s, the school fell to the wrecking ball to make way for the highway.

This interstate “spur,” numbered 190, went 19 miles, from where West Boylston Street School once stood north to the Leominster-Fitchburg area, where it joined with Route 2.

And while that sounds like a good idea, many objected to this highway splitting the north Worcester neighborhood and passing through acres of pastoral beauty on its way to Fitchburg.

The street that led to the on-ramp was named West Boylston Drive, but to many that homage didn’t make up for the loss of their childhood memories.

– Melissa McKeon, Correspondent


Memories of West Boylston Street School are from the school memory website westboylstonstreetschool.com.


Thanks to Leslie Munns for transcribing this article.

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  1. I only attended WBSS for three years before it was torn down, but I have fond memories of the place. I believe the picture posted here was taken shortly before the school was demolished. I remember that everyone at the school got to paint a portion of the “Happy Birthday United States” sign that is hanging on the outside of the building. I wonder what happened to the sign. Does anyone know? Is it forgotten in storage somewhere? I hope it didn’t go the same route as the school. I’m looking forward to hearing/reading about memories that other former students, teachers and staff may have.

  2. I’m not sure how much school spirit we can expect from a school that was torn down years ago but we’ll see.

    Therre are 4 of us and we all went to WBSS. I’m pretty sure this will be the case with many other people. In the 60s, when we were there, families tended to be bigger and they tended not to move very often so I fully expect to get some big families who all went to the school. In fact, I’m expecting a few to join the conversation any time now. You know who you are.

    I have lots of memories but one that comes to mind is the pointy part of the school yard beyond the regular school yard, the part we weren’t supposed to play on. It had some paths and some bushes and trees and you could get to it at the bottom of Merrel Road.

    I remember exploring it and collecting deposit bottles. The thing we figured out pretty early was that even though we weren’t supposed to go there during recess, there was no one around to stop us on Saturday and Sunday. It probably woulldn’t have been as exciting if it wasn’t restricted.

  3. as a graduate of the class of “64, i’m loving seeing this site up. we have so many funny memories of WBSS. at this time of year, who can’t remember freezing your butt off at recess on the sunless “boys side” of the building as Rita Estabrook watched from her office, tapping her Phi Beta Kappa key on the window to warn young hooligans about horseplay. or sticking to the jungle Gym as the frost had no way to dissipate. and, talk about a different time, how about the film of coal dust on your desk in the morning after a delivery, or rolling balls of mercury around in your pencil tray during class. no Hazmatt teams in those days. i wonder how We made it.

  4. Great memories!!!
    Mrs. Sniderman, Quigley,Minor,Salmon,Mara,Mr.Black,Nugent etc.
    jumping the fence at recess and grabing a pepsi off the trucks parked next door.

    playing releavo at recess ( during which I fell against stone window sill and cut my ear almost all the way off) oh well!

    I still have the jungle gym and slide I took them when they were about to bulldoze them. My mother played on those, all my sisters and brothers did also , my children played on them in my yard now hopefully their children will enjoy them also they were definitely made to last!!!

  5. What a great picture! WBSS was so many lifetimes ago, it is nice to see it again. I also remember painting the sign. And the line drawn down the middle of the cafeteria–boys on one side, girls on the other. And the bathrooms down in the basement. And that weird marshmallow stuff that came in the school lunches. And that time the tractor trailer fell off the exit ramp of the highway–I guess only a very few of us will remember that one!

  6. anyone remember George who lived upstairs in Eckys building or sitting on the stairs beside the store (only the bigger Kids could) and have a cigarrette
    bummed from Ecky ? or coming down the path from Loring St.

  7. I remember all of it Craig. I remember as a little kid being afraid of George. He kind of moved in quick, unpredictable jerky motions. You had to really listen to tell what he was saying. I remember going behind the counter to buy candy and hoping he wouldn’t decide to come over and talk to me.

    I always knew George lived upstairs. At first I thought he was Vic’s kid. The funny thing is that I never remember seeing anyone else in George’s family but I vaguely remember his mother calling him home. I never saw her though.

  8. I loved West Boylston Street School. My kindergarten teacher ( my older sister, father and two aunts had her, as well), Miss Schneiderman, was wonderful and my favorite of all. She was kind and encouraging; a great teacher! I had Mrs. Smith (she made me nervous), Miss Topper(powder on your hands for having clean nails), Mrs. Guilbrand, Mr Sanders for 4th and 5th and Miss Mara for 6th. I remember so well how the school would smell the first day of school with the wooden floors freshly varnished! The boy’s jungle gym and Flag Day celebration- all memories. I wish I was able to have grabbed a desk or brick as a keepsake.

  9. I accidentally found this website and it is quite a treat. So nice to have the photo of WBSS. Can’t believe the air raid siren was still on the roof! In addition to what has been mentioned, I remember the school went through eighth grade until the junior highs were built. Those eighth graders seemed like young adults to me. We took a bus trip to Burncoat Junior High to see a puppet show at the brand new school. Before the expressway was built, someone would always start a grass fire on “blueberry hill” as a sign of spring. My most vivid memory was 6th grade in 1963, when someone came in and told Mr. Durkin that President Kennedy had been shot and then we were dismissed early. I’m sure I would never recognize the area that was WBSS now…thanks for starting this site for a school that I am sure has been gone for awhile.

  10. If you haven’t been back there Eileen, parts of the highway now sit on the site of the school. It’s funny though, all the houses across the street are still there. So is Strand’s Ski Shop.

    I remember the day President Kennedy was shot. I guess I was a year behind you. I remember an announcement came out of that wooden box with the gold flecked cloth in the recessed circle on the front, otherwise known as the P. A. System. I’m not sure what they were saving that P. A. System for but they never used it much. If something came out of it, you knew it was important. That particular announcement seemed to change a lot of things forever.

  11. What I most remember about Strands was the Saabs. I think it was unusual to see foreign cars back then. Again, thanks for the photo of the school.

  12. Was just directed to this website by Leslie Munns! Wow, just the pic of our old school brings back a lot of fine memories. I also had Mr Sanders for 5th and Miss Mara for 6th. I’m not sure, but I believe I had a Mrs. Fisher for 4th grade? I also remember a Mrs. Bogigian (probably shattered her last name). I think her and George had something going on back then! LOL I think everyone stole a Pepsi or two from those trucks.

  13. Graduated from WBSS June 16, 1953. Have a Photo of our Graduation class and have ID most of students with the help of another classmate Ruthie Longsjo.

    Would like to share what little info that I do have.

  14. That would be great Bill. You can see above that I created a new tab/category called Graduating Classes. I also gave users the ability to upload photos. Looking forward to seeing your photo.

  15. I went there for only 2nd & part of 3rd grade. I lived at the top of the hill (still do) & would walk up for lunch. 3 generations, my mother oldest sister & nephew all had Ms. Schniederman for kindergarten. Great memories of friends & family there!
    Thank you for the picture!

  16. To Megan Halloran
    Re your Post 11-26-2012
    I saved that wonderful photo of WBSS and then blew it up and tried to enhance & read the white sign, but it was too blurry to make it out. It looked like ‘West Boylston *********’. Can you make out the whole caption? Also can you estimate the year in which the School was razed?


  17. Graduated in 1955, Craig was that jungle jim and slide from Andover Street School watched you take it down. We lived across street from Ekengren’s Market. Just had lunch with June Alt George”s sister, he passed away recently and June and her husband took care of him till his death. I have several class pictures from school.

  18. Kay,

    It’s so good to know that George was taken care of by people who loved him until his death. I must admit, as a kid he mostly just scared me and my friends. I think today parents would take time to explain why he was different. Back then they just said stay away from him, which made him even scarier.

    If you have the ability to scan your class pictures, please post them to the Graduating Classes tab and identify as many kids as you can.

  19. saw this site while looking for pictures of the school and people that went there participating in sports pics i went to the school from K-6th grade i was in the last graduating class from the school my fondest memories were skating in the field well anything really in the field we would want to get to school extra early to play sports and those double and triple reccesses were great as well also the friendships that were formed there are still with me today great place..

  20. Graduated in ’69. Mrs Sniderman, Salmon, Mara.Old desks with inkwells. Rat hand. Those days teachers were able to discipline. Air raid sirens on roof. Ah memories. Ecky’s path from Boardman St. Pickle barrel in Ecky’s.

  21. I vaguely remember a corner stone on that building with a date it was built. I don’t remember the number but I remember it was old.

  22. Bill McMahon clued me in to this site. Awesome. I had my first cigarette in the pointed end of the school yard. Lived at 7 West Boylston Dr. Hi, Katherine Mary… Tell June I said Hi. Also, I did my student teaching there in 1962 (I think) Wish I had scoffed a brick before it was torn down.Ekengren’s Market..what memories. Growing up in the 50’s was the best. Running free like little critters. Thanks for this site!!!

  23. So many memories of WBSS, but when I saw this picture I remembered the stalactite icicles that hung down from the eaves. One year we were met by the principal and herded into an entrance reserved for VIPs only…how exciting

  24. I did take Andover streets jungle Jim and slide and gave those to my brother Dick didnt think anyone saw me!! I did not get permission but they were bulldozing them I could not let it happen !

  25. I was there for the 5th and 6th grade (1970-1972). My teachers were Miss Brennan (5th) and Mrs Bogigian (6th) with Mr. Sanders for science. I bounced around a few elementary schools but West Boylston Street was my most memorable.

  26. I went through all 8 years at West Boylston St. School. Went to Indian Lake every summer for swimming lessons. Craig Longvall, I think I knew your brother? I was born in 43 so I probably started school in 48 and finished 8th grade in 57. Somewhere I have a brick taken from the school when it was demolished. I live in Florida and have for the past 30 years.

  27. Wow, loved seeing the pic of the school! We lived across the street from it so saw it every day. Had Mrs. Gullibrand, Mrs. Torpa (yes, powder if your hands were clean), Mr. Sanders for 2 yrs then Mrs. Mara for 6th- her speed math rounds and weekly book reports served me well in college! Lol. She lived on my street when we moved up toward Ararat St. I visited her and her sister a few times, lovely ladies. Several of us got together for a 6th grade class reunion when I came home to visit about 27 yrs ago. I’ll add some pics. Mr. Baniukiewicz even showed up!! I’ll put his obituary on here, he died in 2007, I think. What an incredibly nice man. Many of of are on Facebook and have reconnected, it’s been great. It was a wonderful school and I’ll always think of it fondly. Thank you so much for doing this!

  28. Charles P. “Charlie” Baniukiewicz, Sr., 84. LEICESTER
    Charles P. “Charlie” Baniukiewicz, Sr., 84, of 25 Rawson Dr., died Saturday, July 28, at the Epic of Harwich Nursing Home in Harwich, MA.

    He leaves his wife of 62 years, Eugenia C. “Jean” (Michalski) Baniukiewicz; two sons, Charles P. Baniukiewicz, Jr. and his wife Darel of Harwich, Alan M. Baniukiewicz and his wife Laurie of Leicester; a daughter, Janine K. Spalding and her husband Gerrick of Leicester; a sister, Helen Pietrowski of Louisville, KY; three grandchildren, Theodore C. Baniukiewicz of Webster, Chantelle Pepin and her husband Leo of Spencer, Katrina B. Baniukiewicz of Leicester and several great-grandchildren. He was pre-deceased by a brother, Theodore Baniukiewicz in June of this year.

    Charlie was born in Worcester, December 25, 1922 and was the son of Chester and Katherine (Mozdzierz) Baniukiewicz. He was a graduate of Commerce High School and served his country as a reconnaissance photographer with the Air Force during WWII in the European Theatre. He then graduated from Worcester State College with a Masters Degree in Education; he taught in the Worcester School system and retired after many years as principal of Francis McGrath Elementary School in Worcester. During his career he was President of the Worcester Principals Association and held many seats in Educational programs and Associations in Worcester. He also coached basketball and had lead his team to several Championships. He had many great memories from his colleagues, faculty and students, he truly loved his profession. Besides being very active in Education he was a carpenter, stone mason and an overall handyman. Charlie was a selfless man and always ready to give a helping hand or say a good word. We used to call him “Mr. Kissinger” as he would always keep the peace, even behind the wheel of his beloved “El Camino”. He was loved by many and will be missed by all.

    The funeral will be held Wednesday, August 1, from the MORRISON-MORIN FUNERAL HOME, 1131 Main St., Leicester, with a Mass at 10:30 a.m. in Our Lady of Czestochowa Church, 34 Ward St., Worcester. Burial with military honors will follow in Worcester County Memorial Park, Paxton. Calling hours will be Tuesday from 5-8 p.m. in the funeral home.

  29. NICE! Would love to join in on a get together. Chinese jumprope, walking to.from school and home for lunch no matter what the weather, Ms. Schiederman, Mr. Niddrie, Mr. Sanders, Ms. Bohegian. Awesome memories!

  30. Here is a portion of an old street directory depicting the streets as they were in 1959 before the expressway went through.

    Note the 3 islands – I don’t recall them at all.


  31. Wow Bill, that is an extremely cool map. Does anyone remember Indian Lake being called North Pond or our neighborhood being called Northville?

    The island beside Sears Island is Piney Island. That I remember.

  32. That’s fantastic – Piney Island. I don’t remember those 3 additional Islands existence at all.
    I knew the lake as only ‘Indian Lake’ and the area as ‘Greendale’. Never heard it referred to as ‘North Pond’ or the area as ‘Northville’. The map must have been correct. Greendale had its own Post Office and area code as well. I remember our phone number as 2-0647. Later, MaBell added the two digit exchange numbers to it (PLeasant, SWift, etc.), and so it became PL2-0647 They used the letter prefix because they thought that too many digits would confuse the users and would never work.

    We moved into the area in 1953 – the year of the ‘Worcester Tornado’ (Jun 9, 1953). We lived at 44 Boardman St, on the unpaved end (and it still is unpaved today). My brother and I and two sisters were home that hot humid day and were really scared as the winds picked up, though there was no damage to our home.
    WBSS situated across the street at the bottom of Scrimgeour Rd on W Boylston Dr and there was a Pepsi Cola bottling plant adjacent to the north of the school. As one previous writer noted Scott on 4-28-2012, he called it ‘the cold side’ of the school where the boy’s entrance was located, and it was cold especially in the Winter! Had to line up before school, after recess and after lunch. I swear the teachers made us stand out there longer in the winter months. The girls lined up on the opposite side of the building (the warm side) near the paved Basket Ball court and the crude Baseball diamond. Center field was strewn with large boulders and rubble – ruined more than one pair of pants out there!

    The old Greendale YMCA was on the east side of the lake and access to the ‘Y’ was from ‘D’ Street which ran up to Shore Dr and ended at Ararat St. The ‘Y’ property began North of Mattson Ave. There was a spill way sluice gate that controlled the water level there. It’s probably still there. If you zoom in on the map you can see a straight line there that represents the easement boundary. The ‘Y’ building was located about another couple of hundred yards or so farther to the north, along the shore. There was also an old warehouse situated between the two properties – either Norton’s or the DPW owed it.

    We moved away from the Worcester around 1967. My brother and my inlaws remained in Worcester and we visited them regularly. It has been only recently that I revisited my old stomping grounds and haunts and all I can say is “How sweet it is!”


  33. For the past few years, me and some of the guys from WBSS that remained friends through the years, have met for lunch the day after Thanksgiving. We go to Tweeds on Grove Street near the old bus station. You might recognize some of the names, Scott and Lance Longvall, Dave and Bob Newell, Phil Perron, Bob Ovian…

    Some years we have more than others and sometimes we’re surprised by who shows up. It would be fun if other people showed up this year. Nothing has been organized. No one has been contacted. This is the first mention of it so it may not even happen.

    My only concern would be that we would have to get a bigger table if more people show up. So post something here or email me if you’re free for lunch Friday, November 29th. It’s always a good time.

  34. What a slew of memories-I am so thankful to see the picture. I graduated from eighth grade at WBSS in 1959. My family lived on Scrimgeour Rd so that I could actually see into the school windows from our kitchen. Miss Mara and Mr Nugent taught 8th and 7th grade and we switched classrooms to practice for high school. I remember Harold Holmquist who taught woodworking at the Greendale Y. Four years at North High and 4 years at Clark University allowed me to keep my eye on the old school. Eight graders under Miss Mara were crossing guards, put the flag up in the morning, clapped erasers and did other forms of our “civic duty” for the school. Miss Rita Estabrook was a force to be reckoned with in spite of her small stature.
    The Indian Lake Beach, Higgins Armory, taking the #30 bus, Ecky’s, the great pizza place whose name I forget, and what was the name of the restaurant just up the street where we had our graduation party before departing for White City ? Such a flood of memories….

  35. Gary,

    It was Wayne’s Pizza and I’m not sure about which restaurant you mentioned. Was it the Gold Star, across from Soloway’s Market?

  36. Bill,
    I’ve finally gotten my hands on the original photo of the school. I just couldn’t make out the words on the scanned photo on my computer. The sign reads, “West Boylston Street School”. I didn’t read through the rest of the comments to see if anyone answered your question about when the school was razed, but I would guess it was after the school year of 1977. I’m pretty sure that was when it was closed. I don’t remember how long it stood empty before it was knocked down.

  37. Yes–Wayne’s pizza. Was that restaurant called Nick’s Grill ? It was up more towards Greendale.

  38. Nick’s Colonial Grille, (I’m not sure what made it colonial) was at Chadwick Square. I sent a message to my friend Scott who still lives in the neighborhood and who definitely remembers the name of the diner up on the hill. I remember going there with my dad for breakfast and getting pancakes but I don’t remember the name of the place. That should be a pretty easy one. The Gold Star is still there and Milbrook Diner closed a few years ago.

  39. the restaurant was the Coach and Six, it was owned by the same people who owned Nick’s Grille at chadwick square. unless you are talking about Stuarts Diner which was just past it up over the bridge in greendale…
    it’s great to see so many familiar names checking in. pass the word to others!

  40. I loved WBSS. OMG, I could not believe there is a web site and an actual picture of the place I spent my life everyday from 5 years old until 12. So many fond memories. Mrs. Sniderman, Mr. Sanders, Mrs. Bogigian, Mrs. Mara. The all purpose room… Loads of fun. Such a wonderful time such a wonderful era………..

  41. Wow, a blast from the past. Just like many of you they took our house( Grandma’s house) 3 decker for the Expressway. It was sad to think of all the families that grew up together and having to move away. I am so glad to see this site up and hope to check back to see if any more pictures show up. I would love to find a few with us in it. Thanks for doing this.

  42. great memories of wbs, lot of familiar names posting. I have 2 class pictures from 58 and 59 I will scan them and post them

  43. Just wanted to point out that Bill McMahon’s graduation photo is a picture of the “All Purpose Room” Remember that little step-up stage?

  44. Reading thru the comments really took me back! I went there, my mother and her siblings went there and my children did too. My mom and my son had Miss Sniderman, I was always kind of surprised that she was there so long. The other teacher names I remember from my kids time. Just thinking of the nice memories I have from my own time there, feels good!

  45. i have a great Miss Schneiderman story i’ve told for years. MANY years after i was a student there, i went to her retirement party. i was an adult by then and i stood in a long line to wish her well. when i got to her i started to say ” hello Miss Schneiderman, you won’t remember me but i’m….” and she cut me off and said ” of course i remember you, you’re scott longvall!” you could have knocked me over with a feather. how could she possibly remember someone after all those years and all those students. she was a special kind of teacher. God Bless her for all she did.

  46. i too remember Bonnie Hall, when we were in school she was my very first childhood crush. never saw her agiain after that but several years ago i dscovered that her children went to school with mine at SPM and i saw Bonnie one day as i was picking them up. funny to see her again after so many years. so many fond memories.

  47. Ed. Yeah there was Gary Hall, a sister Bonnie and a younger sister Joanne. We lived in the same 3 decker. The Halls on the second floor, I on the third. 89 West Boylston Drive, taken by the highway expansion I just stumbled across this site looking for a picture of the school. I went ther in the late 50’s. Fourth grade went to Indian Hill. And Scott…I had a small crush on Bonnie as well, but our families were so close, living in same building

  48. Randy, Scott and I have already talked about this. We both had a crush on Bonny Hall. I’m going to bet all the boys did. I think she was in my class. I posted two class pictures on the Pictures tab. Can you pick her out on either one and leave a note about which row, etc. she’s in? I don’t remember what she looked like but I bet she must have been cute if we were all in love with her.

  49. Scott Longvall, stopped in to my store today and let me know about this great site. I graduated in 1954 and went to the old North High. My sister Gerry attended WBSS as well. We lived on Boyd Street and Gerry was great friends with the Munns girls. I remember \”Red\” Munns always saying, \”I\’ll open a barrel of gold I keep in my basement and build a neighborhood swimming pool!\”
    I kept a couple of bricks from the school for years as a souvenir

  50. The Coach &nSix restaurant was behind Pepsi Cola on Weiderberg rd. A short road across from Clason rd on West Boylston Dr to W. Boylston steet. The restaurant was on the right side. The “coach” was Bob Cousy and partner Mike Koris, owner of Nick’s Grille. Across from the school’s extended field,the Atlantic gas station, on a rounded corner from Gold Star blvd to W. Boylston street, and theA & P market was behind the station.

  51. WOW what a great site, this is amazing and I think I have a picture of our class.

  52. Paul Brunelle (my husband) and, Myself, Linda MacDonald Brunelle both attended WBSS.
    I graduated from WBSS in 1961 and then went on for 3 years at Forest Grove and then to BSH.
    Lots of memories came back when i saw the photograph of the school.
    It’s funny that no one mentioned patrol lines and Miss Estabrook’s big blue car cruising by the patrol lines to catch kids misbehaving. And, of course, she always did. If you had 3 offenses you would get the, so called, RAT HAND! We were so scared of her. :-/
    My teachers were:
    Kindergarten, Miss Sniederman ( I attended her retirement party at the PNI Club. She was my first Mom away from Home.
    1st Grade, Miss McCarthy (which soon after became Mrs Smith.)
    2nd Grade, Miss Topper ( If you had clean fingernails you would get a shake of her most fragrant powder)
    3rd Grade, Miss Salmon ( who taught me my multiplication tables)
    4th Grade, Miss Minor (she lived right across the street from the school)
    5th Grade, Mr Durkin ( went on to become superintendent of schools)
    6th Grade Miss Mara & Mr Black (Miss Mara always carried a tissue in her bra) ( Mr. Black, One of my favorite teachers) Never had favorites, treated everyone equally)
    Going around the POLE for bathroom break, the multi purpose room. I could go on and on. 🙂

  53. Well I did my full tour K-8 I remember when it was only one single building. I loved Miss Adams 6th grade and Miss Konosak(sp) who taught my dad was a hoot.She tried to teach me the moon light sonata during recess.The rat hand,I still have scares lol .I still have memories of going to shop in Greendale on fri. Such great memories and great teachers.

  54. Graduated in 1953.Like many of you my parents aunts uncles and my oldest daughter had Miss Sneiderman. what an amazing person she was, imagine being remembered so fondly by so many people. I think I learned more at WBSS than any other educational institution I have attended!

  55. I lived across the street from this school from 1965-1975 when I moved to California. I spent many a summer on the playground riding my bike. Due to me being disabled, I was bused across the city to a school for handicapped children. How I wished I could have gone to this school, and I am sad to see it was torn down. Such a waste ! But I still have those wonderful memories of bike riding, swinging on the swings and dad parking the Chevy in the school yard on snow plowing days in winter.

  56. I remember this school fondly, I rode my bike on the grounds during the summer and dad parking the Chevy in the winter to make room for the snow plows. My house was across the street and I could see the windows lit up at night during the Parent/Teacher meetings. Due to being disabled, I could not go there, I was bused to a school for handicapped children across the city. My memories were happy ones and this school will be missed.

  57. Black Friday Club 2014

    Visitors to this site know we invite any and all interested parties to Tweed’s for lunch on the day after Thanksgiving every year. This year we had our biggest turnout so far with about 15 people. There were some notable new faces including Maryann Fitzsimmons and Jim Callahan.

    This thing is getting bigger and more complex so the group voted unanimously to elect Scott Longvall as our chairman. If you see this notice sometime in 2015 and think it would be fun (which it is) to join the Black Friday Club, put it on your calendar. We only do it once a year. If you miss the next one, you’ll have to wait until 2016. Fortunately, for most of the people who attended WBSS, time goes by so quickly, it will probably only seem like a few days.

  58. Just found this site.
    Recognized several names.
    I lived on Proctor St. at the bottom of Merrill Rd.
    Graduated in 1960, The first sixth grade graduation.
    Does anyone remember the A&W , or the miniature golf course at the top of the hill by Stuarts Diner?
    Thanks for the memories.

  59. So excited to have stumbled upon this website! A lot of fond memories at WBSS. I remember square dancing and the jungle gym. Walking to school and back home again, no buses back then!
    Does anyone remember the penny candy store?

  60. Amanda, the penny candy store was Ekengren’s Market also known as Eky’s. If you look at the top of this page, you can see a tab for Eky’s. Click it and you will be able to read comments on the store and the guys who ran it.

  61. I attended from 1954 to 1960 I lived at 9 Mattson Ave I play little league B.aseball at Joe Schwartz when it started in 1961

  62. I lived across the street for this school, sadly though due to having Cerebral Palsy I was not allowed to attend. I was bused to Mill Swan Elementary School for handicapped children. Many a time I would ride my bike in the school yard longing for the day I could go, but by the time I got into 6th grade I had moved to California and the school was torn down sometime in the 1980’s when I was in high school. It’s too bad they tore it down, what a waste of a beautiful building.

  63. Hi Don,

    Might you be related to Larry \’Chip\’ Johnson who lived at 43 W Boyston Drive at the corner of Sherburne? My brother, George, and I hung around with \’Chippy\’ . Chip went on to North High School where he played football and Graduated in 1959.

    I had a Morning Telegram route that included the corner of Merrrill Rd, all of Mattson Ave and both sides of W Boylston Dr up to thr \’Tunnel\’ which was the way to the \’Eagle\’ and the \’Greeks\’ where I was a \’Soda Jerk\’ as well. The owner was George ????. There was also the \’Knooty Pine Spa\’ just around the corner on Gosnold St.

    I use to pick up my papers for delivery at that huge house.where Chip lived but I now have no recall of his siblings – if any.

    Bill McMahon, WBSS Grad class of 1955

  64. We lived at 43 West Boylston Street. I was friends with Chip’s younger sister Linda. They moved to West Boylston maybe around 1960 or 61.

  65. What memories, some of the best days of my life. I’m so glad to see this site up, “Kudo’s”, screw classmates.com! WBSS is clearly etched in my mind forever and not just the school but the whole neighborhood growing up; Mamoth Mart, Iandolis, The Round UP Restaurant, Hill Top Spa, Astra Pharmacutical, Millbrook Diner where my mom worked for years, Woodbury’s and its beautiful property, Immaculate Conception Church and Father Connors, Ridgeway Pharmacy, Chadwick Square Pharmacy, Nick’s Colonial Grille, The Pickle Factory, Swimming at Indian Lake “Public Beach” during the summer and skating in the winter, Sears Island and the Charter Club, The old Greendale Y, Stuarts Restaurant, Dames Package Store, Trick-or-Treating to all those 3 deckers until late at night and some one mentioned the Coca Cola Bottling Co.and The Coach and Six after those were gone there was a carnival that would set up there every summer and of course my house on Ruthven Ave. which is no longer there as well. )O:
    I could go on and on…
    Some of the other teachers I remember were Mrs. Bohigian she always dressed really nice and we thought her and Mr. Sanders were having a fling, Mrs. Brennan (dead eye – kids are cruel) she had the nicest class room with the screwed to the floor desks and chairs. Mr. Baniukiewicz doing cart wheels out on the play ground he was a great principle, my son worked for his nephew a couple of years ago. I have most of my class pictures I’ll have to un pack them and post them up sometime soon.
    Thanks for the memories!

  66. Nancy H- you were in my class! You were tall with long blonde hair, right? My memories are just the same as yours- wonderful!

  67. Refer to Feb 17, 2015 comment:

    Make that the ‘Knotty Pine Spa’ oon Gosnold St
    Bll Mc

  68. In 1959 (I think), half way through the school year, the seventh and eighth grades were transferred to the newly built Forest Grove JHS. All the kids in those grades missed out on a West Boylston Street graduation. I just attended my 50th North High reunion and sat with only WBSGS alums; Sally Frye, Kirsten Gustafson and Pamela Flagg. Fond memories of Ekys (see today’s Gazette), Abe’s and Jokela’s. Great neighborhood in which to grow up.

    Warm regards, Jim Bisceglia
    North Truro

  69. This is Bob Flanagan and I lived across the street from the school and attended West Boylston St School from the 3rd grade till the 6th grade and then as Jim states we were sent to Forest Grove Junior High School the last year at West Boylston was 1959. I spent many days playing baseball and basketball on the school grounds and had so much fun wish I could do it again. This is a wonderful site thanks for doing this.

  70. Bobby Flanagan is right on. Last eighth grade graduation was in 1959 (Jerry Jacobsen and Bobby Gates were in that class). My class (1960) missed out on a graduation party at the Hickory House (name changed to Coach and Six later). Kids from my class went to WPI, HC, BC and Notre Dame, among others.

  71. My two older brothers and I went there from the early to middle sixties.
    I remember playing baseball and touch football many days before during and after school,releveo,walking in procession all thru the school every morning and I think every time we either left the school or entered it,a not wearing any
    jeans,raising the flag every morning and talking it down before leaving school,and walking to school,walking home for lunch,and walking back to school every day. It was about a good fifteen miniute walk if we didn’t get into some kind of mischief along the way.

    Rich Ovian

  72. Does anyone remember the “Rat Hand”?
    I almost got one from Mr Degman,the school principal after,Mrs Esterbrook.
    That was my first lesson in myth and reality.

  73. Do people remember Mr Nugent, we called him Fuzzy because he was bald and had fuzz like on the top of his head? God when I think about how mean kids can be.

  74. Also in the last two weeks to a month we lost two former students of West Boylston St School and kids that grew up in the area. Ed Vardas and Arthur Coakley. Also within the last year and a half we lost Daniel O”Malley. How many of you remember these three?

  75. I remember all three of them, Bobby. Danny from Sears Island, Arthur from Boyd Street (our neighborhood protector) and ” Vast ” Ed Vadas, who had his own band. Mr. Nugent was one of the best teachers at WBSS. One day someone wrote “Fussy Nugent ” in the coat room and Mr. Nugent lamented “he couldn’t even spell it right”.

  76. Lets see I remember the rat-tan. Mrs. Estabrook tapping her keys on the window if you did something wrong in the yard. I also remember the neighborhood drunk that would sometime sleep it off in the field by the yard. Man he would be really drunk can’t remember his name. I remember the long line when you came into the school going down stairs first weaving your way through the bath rooms and relieving yourself at those urinals. Scary when you were in kindergarten and 1st grade. When I first started it was kindergarten through 8th grade. Oh and George at Eckys- Draw George!!
    Bobby Ovian

  77. Many memories. I remember very well. The walk from Gifford drive was 1.9 miles, Playing football and baseball in the playground out back for all the pick up games we had. I Mrs. Estabrook with her keys always wrapped around her hand. All the teachers, Ms. Sniderman, Mrs. Quigley, Ms. Salmon, Ms. Minor, Mr. Lynch, Mr. Nugent, Ms. Mara, Mr. Campbell and will never forget Mr. Durkin, our coach for all three sports, football, basketball and baseball. Practices at Forest Grove Jr. High. The old building with 3 floors and I remember being intimidated by the 8th graders when I was a little runt. I remember having flag duty in the 5th grade with John Preston and always looked forward to that afternoon break to take down the flag and fold it before school ended. Ecky’s for that afternoon stop for candy before going to school and George always ready for action in his cowboy getup. On the way home I used to go into the market, Soloways, for my mom to pick up some items like milk and bread. Ironically I met his son in the town I live in now, Burlington, MA and shared stories of that with him about his father and uncle. His uncle always had a half smoked cigar in his mouth. And yes Bobby, I remember Linky.

  78. I attended WBSS from 1939 – 1947. When I first attended, I lived across the street at the corner of WB Drive and Sherburne Ave (that house is still there). Then I moved to Barnes Ave — the outskirts of that district. It was a long walk home and back at lunch time, but we all did it. No busing back then. My children also attended WBSS, having many of the same teachers I had. Miss Sniederman comes to mind — the was the best. Then we had Miss Quigley, Little and Big Miss Salmon, Miss Minor, Miss Gillgin (those two had rooms in the attic). The favorite sport for the girls was Dodge Ball. Back in those days we actually had a Gym Teacher who would come to our school a couple of time a month and take us outside to do sports.

    Unfortunately, I was working for Mr. Dan Riordan who was the State Appraiser, and was given the pictures and dictation to type the appraisal for the State to take the land and building the school stood on. By then, replacement schools were already in place.

    Are there any more of us from this time period still out there?

  79. Marion,

    I hope some of your classmates find this blog and reply to your post. One of the things that you mentioned was working for Mr. Riordan and being given pictures and dictation for the school’s ultimate demise.

    Do you think there’s any way we could get access to those or any other photos? We wrote to the Worcester school district asking for access to any archive photos but never got a reply. So far, we have only two pictures of the school. We could use more.

    Harry Munns

  80. We had some real good football,baskit-ball and baseball teams back in the mid sixties.
    Almost won the city championship in football and baseball. Jimmy O’Day(state rep) was our quarterback in football and pitcher for baseball.
    Other players on the team that come to mind are Mike Senior(baseball).Steve Senior,Eddy Shannon,Billy Callahan,Frank Scola,Mark Ruffo,and Ritchie Smiley.
    Mr Durkin was our coach and I think way ahead of his time.

  81. I remember Danny and Arthur. We lived on West Boylston Drive until I was in the sixth grade them we moved to Huntington and Forest Grove. My brother was in the last WB class to complete all the way through the eighth grade. I was sad to get shipped off to FG.









  83. Hi Irene, I also remember you, I lived at 35 West Boylston drive and also at 19 West Boylston Drive. I hope life has been good to you and that you are doing well.

  84. When I was 5 years old the tornado jus hit 10 days before my 6th birthday.
    My mom had died and my dad 2 years later remarried.
    We live on Millbrook street.
    I remember the Longvalls and I still keep in contact with the Lydens Jerry Cote.
    Before moving to Northborough Mass My twin brother Donald and I went to West Boylston school.
    When I came home on leave in the 70’s I saw my 1st grade teacher
    Quigley. She said I remember you. You did not paint the picture of the birdhouse 1 color you did 8 colors. We had a laugh.
    After that visit I went back on duty as an Army MP serving 11 years before getting hurt and retiring.
    I remember Miss Topper and lost the 2nd grade spelling be because I spelled coffee wrong.
    All the teachers were nice. My last year there was 3rd grade.
    The girl I had a crush on was Bonnie McDonald and I think she lived by Strands ski shop.
    I now live in Venice Florida moving here in 1975.
    Craig Longvall drop me a line.

  85. Hi Bob, I remember you, too. And your sister Paula was my brother Jake’s class. Life has been interesting. Are you still in the Worcester area?

  86. Hi Irene Im so happy that you remember me, And that is correct Paula was in Jakes class and yes I am still in Worcester. Left for two years while in the Army and then for another year and roamed around for about a year. I am still working but only part time as a street outreach worker and have worked with the homeless for many years. How about you Irene are you in the area? and how is your family all well I hope. So great to be in touch

  87. Have been reading over the site, brings back many great memories.

    I remeber most of the names trying to put a face on some, but Bob I remember you

  88. I graduated 8th grade in 1959–with Arthur Coakley and Eddie Vadas–so sorry to hear about their passing. My younger brother Kent was in class with Bob Flanagan and Irene Kojalo Kitzow. I graduated with Bob’s sister Paula and Irene’s brother Jake ( who also graduated from North High in 1963). So great to have some contact with those wonderful years. I love this site–thanks to you all.

  89. The Friday after thanksgiving, 2015, Harry Munns, Scott Longvall, Lance Longvall and Phil Perron had dinner at Scott’s house. It was a clear but chilly night. We got bundled up and headed out for a walk after dinner. We walked all of the streets from West Boylston Drive to Proctor Street, from Scrimiger Road to Gifford Drive. We stopped in front of every house and tried to remember who lived there. All four of us grew up in that grid. Scott and Phil still live there. I”m pretty sure we all delivers newspapers in the neighborhood. Between us we were able to remember a family or a family member who lived in almost every house. If any of you are in contact with each other, I would encourage you to do the same exercise. It was incredibly fun. No one called the cops.

  90. Hello Gary i hope all is well and that life has been kind to you? I remember both you and your brother Kent very well. And Paul how could i forget you? I also hope you are doing well and that life has been kind to you also. Its been many years since West Boylston St School and the old hood. Can you believe how old we have become where did the time go?

  91. “Graduated” from WBS in ’71. Fondest memories are the skating at recess and of course Mr. B. He once told my parents – we love Janet. And if you aren’t nice to her, I’ll adopt her. How nice to have someone believe in you wholeheartedly AND communicate it! And at a 6th grade house party- the only time I was exposed to “Spin the Bottle”. Um… More than 20 years later I worked with Mrs. Bo at McGrath who was vice principal. You can imagine her enforcing the rules?? Also, someone mentioned 4th grade tchr possibly called Mrs. Fisher and I wonder if that was Mrs. Fletcher. Is that right? She taught us French, probably my fav tchr there. I remember even more my classmates, such sweet girls.

  92. I attended WBSS from K thru 3rd grade before it was torn down. I remember my teachers and times there fondly. I lived up the street from Indian Lake and every winter, those hills became impossible to drive up. My family (as well as many others) would park in the school lot until the roads were passable. Does anyone remember the v-shaped tree? It was a popular place to stand in. Schools are so different today. I’m thankful I grew up during that time.

  93. Bob Flanagan, life has been very kind to me, retired now “living the dream”. I’d like to get together and trade stories of the Beach. Living in Uxbridge now

  94. LOL. Just found this site. I went from K though 6th had Miss Snydermann for kindergarden, I remember her HUGE eyes, miss Topper for like 2nd or 3rd. I remember if your hands were clean, you got a dab of baby powder to rub in; I always made sure my hands were dirty. Miss Brennan I think died the year I had her for 6th grade, and I forget the name of my 5th grade teacher who told the same 4 stories every day. End of the Normal School teachers; the ones who could not get married or would lose their job.

  95. Hi Paul,

    That would be great, My e-mail is bobflanagan47@gmail.com I am on facebook and my phone number is 508-873-6194 or 774-420-4823 Where have the years gone? Have a great Christmas. and perhaps after the holiday season we can catch up. Stay well.

  96. I went to West Boylston St School 147-1954 went to Burncoat Prep at the new Burncoat Jr High 1954 7th ant 8th grades. I remember going to class in a voting booth when the addition was built.

  97. I attended West Boylston street school from 1958-60 when we moved from Huntington Avenue to Grafton Hill. Bobby, Richard and Larry Ovian lived behind us, and Michael Mason a couple of doors up. (Ironically, my room mate at Holy Cross was Michael’s cousin…from Washington D.C) I remember Miss Snyderpuss (as Bobby named her) and Mrs Smith. There were four of us Andrzejczyks at wbss at one time. My cousins Joanne and Henry, as well as my brother Tom. But we were only there a short while as we all moved away. Still here from classmate Timmy Brewer and occasionally from Patty Moran Iandoli through her husband’s golfing exploits. Hope you are all well.

  98. Does anyone remember the Fors girlsNancy and I think Linda also a brother who’s name I can’t remember.they lived on the last road off of Hashtags Ave near the island.

  99. Bob Flanagan – We lived a few blocks from the Fors girls. I think their brother was Richard. They ran a small coin shop near Wayne’s Pizza for a while. I bought an old Roman silver coin for about $10 after school one day but their folks called my parents and asked me to sell it back to them. I guess I got a really good deal. Didn’t Miss Schneiderman drive a ’58 Plymouth, sitting on a pillow? Mr. Black drove a Packard Clipper? I remember Miss Topper’s name spelled Torppa (can I have some white powder?). I remember a big red Pegasus on the gas station sign across from the school (Mobil?). My brother Joe and I graduated in 1960, then went to Forest Grove. We did our time at Millbrook Diner and then Worcester Pressed Steel (my uncle, Ernie Frost, was a 2nd shift foreman there – he had relatives on Sears Island) before we went to WPI, then me the Army for 3-1/2 years and then out West forever. I married a Kentucky girl – five kids, 18 grandkids, and finally retired in 2014. Sorry to hear about Arthur Coakley from Tower St, – we were in Boy Scouts with him. We on the same block as the Longvalls; hi, Paul Brunelle! I remember a Shelly Munns from Boyd Street – didn’t she look like Sissy Spacek? Hi, Jimmy and Bobby Bisceglia! I remember Empey at the Y, Thompson’s Drug Store, Chadwick Square, P&A Cleaners?, SAABs, WrightLine, a big eagle up past A&W, Stuart’s Diner, the Greendale Library, Norton’s, Heald’s, WHite City.

  100. OMG. Can’t believe I stumbled onto this site! I am amazed by all the memories that pulled me back to those days at WBSS. I don’t have any pictures of places in the neighborhood. We obviously didn’t have cameras or cell phones back then. I remember all the places. Pepsi behind the school, the Coach & Six, EKY’S!!!! I lived on West Boylston Drive just across the street from school and I think I was late almost every day!!!! Although I do remember lining up by grade to enter school for the day. 1961-1967. So many memories!! I would love to find some images of the old neighborhood.

  101. I wonder if Edward Andrzejczyk referred to the Tim Brewer who was my best friend Kathy’s brother. Tim became Father Tim. My friend Kathy’s brother the father.

  102. I know Fr. Brewer! He has been friends with my family since being ordained. He is the most wonderful priest there is. He’s at St. Mary’s in Holden now.

  103. Wow just found this site what memories of that school and neighboorhood

  104. Own a Piece of History

    Death and taxes are guaranteed. There is at least one more thing. If you went to WBSS, you slid down the slide and played on the jungle gym.

    Craig Longvall, of the Huntington Ave Longvalls, rescued both the slide and the jungle gym from the wrecking ball when the school was torn down. The slide sat gathering rust and dust ever since.

    Craig’s younger brother, Scott lovingly restored the slide to its former glory. Now a lucky person or family can own this one-of-a-kind item that brought so much joy to so many little kids. Asking price is $400. Email indychief48@msn.com to set up a viewing.

  105. Having a problem registering. Went to Wes’s from 1942-1951. My mother baby sat for miss Shniedermans niece, and I remember babysitting for the long all’s. I lived on 15 Millbrook street. Walking to school we would stop at Etlees for pencils and fun things. That was next to the fruit stand. So many memories. Love this site. Have som school pics to look up. Fondly, Edna Hutcheson

  106. Wow! So excited to find this site. I am writing a letter to my grandson who is starting Kindergarten next week. I want to tell him how wonderful Kindergarten was for me– 63 years ago. Miss Sneiderman was my teacher, and I loved her. How lucky I was! I remember crying when I had to leave her to go to first grade. Would love to reminisce with others who went to WBSS when you gather again.
    Gwendolynn (Arslen) Purushotham

  107. Found this site thanks to my sister…Gloria Winslow. I attended WBSS in 1952. Had Mr Lynch. My brother Lynwood Winslow went there too, but don’t remember who he had. We lived on Scrimgeour…top of the hill,big White House. We were there for just 1 year before leaving for Europe where my dad was stationed. Loved the school,the wooden floors & stairs,it was comfortable & made you feel safe. Had two best friends Joan Carlson & Joan French. Came back after 3 yrs and went to North High. Left again in 1958 for California. I wish I could have seen WBSS one more time before it was torn down. Have many happy memories of crossing the school yard on my way home the city & Friday night dances at the YMCA.Long ago but not forgotten.

  108. Does anyone remember my grandfather Walter riley the school crossing guard during the 1960s. He lived in the brown house on the hill next to strands ski shop.

  109. Her First name was Fannie not Frances, and I don t think you have that last name spelled correctly either. She must surely be deceased as it seems like she must have been in her 70 s when I had her as a teacher back in 1965. We were lucky to have such relics as teachers at West Boylston Street School, though it did not seem so at the time. Miss Gulbrand, Mrs Faucher, Miss Marah, Miss Brennan, Mrs. Topper were all good old fashioned teachers, way behind the times, thank goodness. In some ways it was a much better time in elementary education than today.

  110. Wow. I can’t believe I found this. I’m not sure how
    many of you remember my family. The Adams family. We lived right across the street from the school 35 West Boylston Drive. I moved to Atlanta
    Georgia about 40 years ago. I’m the pictures of the classes posted by Ed Kalagher , Mike Finazza
    are in both. Mike passed away a couple of years ago. Eddy the last time I saw you was at Fort Polk Louisiana right before we shipped out.
    John H. Adams johnhadams@me.com

  111. Hi John,
    I remember a Don Adams and his sister Evelyn. I think her nickname was ‘Pinky’ – no idea where she got that from. Any relationship to them?
    Bill McMahon of 44 Boardman St. This section of Boardman St was unpaved (what a quagmire in early spring) and ran from Scrimegeor? Rd to Merrill Rd. However the rest of it was paved and ran down to W Boylston St

  112. I recently was told about this site, and i think it is fabulous! Over the last couple months I have spent some time reading the posts. I have seen so many familiar names from my childhood that I felt I just had to contribute.
    I grew up at 23 West Boylston Drive with my brothers Mark and Scotty. We lived directly across the street from the school. We attended grades K thru 6 at WB during the sixties. We lived so close to the school that on parent-teacher nights we would sit in the front window of our third floor apartment, where we could see right into some of the classrooms, and try to tell if we were going to be in trouble when our parents got home! That schoolyard was literally our backyard. My best friends back then were Eddie Shannon and Jimmy Fitzsimmons. When we weren’t in class we were in that schoolyard playing baseball, football, or basketball, from sun up until sun down all year long. There was never a shortage of kids as the schoolyard was the gathering place for everyone. We always had enough kids for 2 full teams of players no matter what the sport. It seems like it was so much easier being a kid back then than it is now.
    I had Miss Sneiderman in kindergarten. Even at that age we knew her name was Fanny! Other teachers I had were Mrs Smith, Mrs Toppa (powder for clean fingernails lol). Miss Salmon, Miss Minor (gave out dimes to the winners of her multiplication tables races) , Mr Sanders (until he went to Vietnam), and Mrs Mara whom my father also had in the sixth grade. I never had Bogo or Cantwell, and I remember thinking back then how lucky I was for that. So many great memories!
    I was as upset as anyone when I found out years later that the school, and the schoolyard, were being destroyed to make room for the highway. I came home late one night, sometime In the late 70s, after a few cocktails, and noticed that the surveyors had begun the process of staking out the boundaries in the field for the new highway. I went into the schoolyard, grabbed every one of those damn stakes, and threw them away. I was very happy thinking that I had delayed the demolition by at least one day!

  113. My brothers told me about this site recently, so I thought I would check it out. I was amazed at how many familiar names, and stories, that I have seen. This site has really taken me back to my childhood, and to times that I cherished. West Boylston St School was a huge part of my childhood.
    I grew up at 23 West Boylston Drive, directly across the street from the schoolyard, with my younger brothers Mark and Scotty. We attended WB in the 60s. That schoolyard was literally our backyard. We spent more time there than anywhere, or anyone. When we weren’t in school, or at the public beach, we were in that schoolyard from sun up until sun down all year around. There was never a lack of kids in the schoolyard. No matter if it was football, basketball, or baseball we always had enough kids for 2 full teams. We would shovel off the basketball court during winter if needed. Baseball season seemed to begin in February with rubber coated balls that could stand up to the snow and mud, and ended with the first snowfall.
    This site has brought back fond memories of of classes, teachers, friends, fights, and crushes. I look forward to reading more stories.

  114. Glad to see this site. So many fond memories of having gone to school there. Lived on Indian Lake, Sears Island, and walked 9 tenths of a mile to school in the am, home for lunch, back for the pm session and home at the end of the day. If nothing else, we got plenty of exercise. Teachers were Sneiderman, Smith, Topper, Salmon, Minor, Durkin and Mara. Forest Grove Junior High, then Burncoat Senior High. All good memories! It was fun to see my third grade class from 1961. Thanks to all who posted pictures.

  115. Steve ,I remember all of those times. I was in all your classes. Especially playing either football or baseball everyday and night. Your three family was headquarters. Your landlady ,I think was Miss Sullivan. We always had good teams. Mr Sanders was our first male teacher. We did have Bogosian in sixth for part of the day. We respected and had a little feared them.

  116. I loved reading the posts and reminiscing of the good Ole days. What a neighborhood! Skating on Indian Lake with the big kids and after lunch in the school yard, Wayne’s Pizza, Eckys, George, the Whistler, Pepsi Cola, Mammoth Mart, the carnival coming to town and waiting for coins to drop under the spider next to the Coach and Six, Mrs. Sniderman and her piano, Mrs
    Topper drooling, and Mrs. Guilbrand, I loved hearing the safety patrol saying, “lines out”, as we went home for lunch. To get to Proctor St. in the winter SCRIMEGOR RD. was the only hill you could get over. WBSS 69 -72 and then off to Catholic School. FOLEY, POTTLE, GINGRAS, were the big names and families on Proctor Street. Thanks for the memories!

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